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Inflatable Arches

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Inflatable Arches Inflatable ArchesInflatable ArchesInflatable ArchesInflatable Arches
Inflatable ArchesInflatable ArchesInflatable Arches

INFLATABLE STRUCTURES are a highly effective and versatile advertising solution, available with complete flexibility on size and shape. We specialize in manufacturing bespoke inflatables to customers´ individual designs with custom advertising and printing, giving maximum exposure to your logos and brand.

Our INFLATABLES are manufactured using different materials including PVC, PVC coated Nylon and PVC coated Polyester. There are several different options for each of these materials to choose from depending on size, shape, printing method, and of course, whether it's an Air-sealed or Continuous-air unit. Air-sealed inflatables take a few more minutes to inflate, but operate without the need of a constant air supply, whereas the Continuous-Air units are supplied with a powerful internal or external 240v fan designed to blow air continually through the structure, keeping it fully inflated.

INFLATABLE STRUCTURES such as shelters, domes, cubes, arches, balloons and any other bespoke structures are further products ideal for branding, all designed for both indoor and outdoor events. Using full-flood digital printing, we can encompass the whole of the fabric with your company colour schemes, logos and messages, and with their amazing, eye catching shapes these structures represent a professional, highly effective way of bespoke marketing. Our team will be delighted to work on your design and prepare a graphic mock-up free of charge within 24 hours for better imaging.